segunda-feira, 17 de setembro de 2007

O desporto faz mal à saúde

No blog Opéra Bouffe encontrei a seguinte citação atribuída a Oscar Wilde:

"Rugby is a sport for barbarians played by gentlemen. Football is a sport for gentlemen played by barbarians".

Fiquei com vontade de reler/ler mais Wilde.

3 comentários:

Giorgia disse...

Wilde is always very witty, you really should read/re-read some of his works. That quote is written on a wall in the sports section of the National Museum of Scotland.
Anyway, I'm actually quite a fan of Wilde's writings, a volume of his complete works is always on my sidetable. :)

Gi disse...

I totally agree, giorgia, and among his witticisms you can usually find one which is particularly appropriate to a given issue.
Thanks for the visit, come again :-)

Xantipa disse...

Adoro Oscar Wilde! Antes de saber um pouco mais de inglês, atrevi-me, inclusive, a lê-lo no original. Tinha de o ler no original! Deste-me vontade de voltar à sua companhia...