quinta-feira, 22 de novembro de 2007

Projecto Kalima

Notícia do The Independent:

Two cultures, one language: Arabic translation of great works aims to bridge divide
By Boyd Tonkin in Abu Dhabi
Published: 22 November 2007

The Kalima (meaning "word" in Arabic) project aims to revive the art of translation across the Arab world and reverse the long decline in Arabic readers' access to major works of global literature, philosophy, science and history.
"The choices reflect what we consider are the real gaps in the Arab library," said Karim Nagy, the founder and chief executive of the project, which was launched yesterday in Abu Dhabi.
One of the triggers which led to its creation was a widely-circulated statistic from the 2003 UN report into human development in the Arab world. It estimated that more books (about 10,000) were translated into Spanish every year than had been translated into Arabic over the past millennium.

Desejo o maior sucesso a esta iniciativa. Só pode ser bom que o mundo árabe volte a familiarizar-se com o pensamento ocidental, e é pela lista de títulos com que a notícia termina que podemos ver como tem estado distante.

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