quarta-feira, 14 de maio de 2008

E se não funcionar?

Há anos a minha irmã, vendo-me preocupada com não sei já o quê, tranquilizou-me com a frase "Não te preocupes, em Portugal essas coisas nunca funcionam".
Hoje, no entanto, essa resposta já não me tranquiliza. Nas
sábias palavras de Guy Herbert, no blog Samizdata:

People say to me, "Don't worry, it won't work." I would like to remind them that grand government schemes that are not working tend to be adopted anyway, and all the suffering they cause is declared a good thing, necessary for the progress of the nation. Lysenko's 'winterizeation' of wheat, did not work. Protectionism does not work. Most of the world's 'development' projects do not work. It did not stop governments implementing them at the expense of humanity. It does not stop massive numbers of politically influential people still believing in the grand reconstruction of deep natural systems and human institutions by government power, and devoting their working lives to promoting it.

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