quarta-feira, 7 de julho de 2010

Reformas Ponzi

Notícia do Telegraph:

Cost of civil servants' 'Ponzi' pension scheme threatens poverty for future generations
Civil service pensions have been run like an "unstable Ponzi scheme" that threatens to impoverish future generations, according to an independent report out today.
By Philip Aldrick, Economics Editor
Published: 5:30AM BST 07 Jul 2010

Peter Tomkins, Commission chairman and Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries, said: "The Government has hidden behind costings which pretend that the unfunded schemes earn a return well above [market rates] ... Like an unstable Ponzi scheme, it will only work if tomorrow's generations [are] able to stomach a higher cost to pay for the unfunded promises made today."
The Commission, made up of eight economists and actuaries who spent nine months putting the report together, also warned that "in 50 years' time, it is possible that every person over 65 could be supported by just two people of working age, compared with four today" (...)

Em Portugal, pelo que se ouve dizer, o sistema de pensões de reforma (de toda a gente, não só dos funcionários públicos) também é um esquema Ponzi ou, como é conhecido por cá, Dona Branca, em que os que chegam depois pagam os rendimentos do investimento dos primeiros, e os últimos a chegar já não têm que fechar a porta, pois já não a encontram aberta.

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