sábado, 4 de outubro de 2008

OJ Simpson condenado

Notícia do Telegraph:

OJ Simpson guilty of kidnap and armed robbery
OJ Simpson faces life in prison after being found guilty of kidnapping and armed robbery.
By Patrick Sawer
Last Updated: 9:00AM BST 04 Oct 2008

The former American football star kidnapped two sports memorabilia dealers by holding them in a room at the Palace Station hotel and casino in Las Vegas before stealing items from them on September 13 last year (...)
Deputy district attorney Chris Owens, prosecuting, said Simpson took a gang of men to the Palace Station to retrieve items he lost while trying to hide them from Mr Goldman's family and the California court (...)
Yale Galanter, defending Simpson, (...) told the jury that Simpson never intended to commit a robbery but wanted to reclaim personal mementoes of his career and family life which were being sold by memorabilia dealers (...)
Mr Galanter said the incident got out of hand because of former co-defendant Mr McClinton, who pulled out a gun during the confrontation.
Judge Jackie Glass (...) warned the all-white jury against trying to punish Simpson over the death of his former wife.

Alguma semelhança com a condenação de Al Capone por evasão fiscal?

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