segunda-feira, 13 de julho de 2009

A origem da humanidade

Personally I think [man's forefathers] go back to the water's edge. If mankind had first managed to find safety in the trees, they would never have come down to earth again voluntarily. All the wild animals were already in place on the ground. (...) If we had come to life on a branch in the trees we would have remained there (...) rather than expose ourselves to everything that ran and jumped on the ground, with horns and talons and sharp teeth.
The table was set at the water's edge and waited for the fingers of the walking ape; shells and shellfish of all sorts, cleverly hidden behind lids and locked doors and in endless amounts.

Thor Heyerdahl, In the Footsteps of Adam, Londres, 2001, pg 327

(Fisketorget, Bergen, Junho 2009)

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