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Desta não me tinha lembrado

Artigo do The Independent:
26 July 2007 11:59
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Rival accuses Portuguese PM of lying about degree
By Elizabeth Nash in Madrid
Published: 23 July 2007

As Portugal takes centre stage as holder of the EU presidency for six months, the Prime Minister, Jose Socrates, is embroiled in a row over the authenticity of his university degree.
Antonio Balbino Caldeira, an activist in the conservative opposition Social Democratic Party, has posted alleged discrepancies about Mr Socrates' academic record on a blog. The claims have received massive press coverage, prompting Mr Socrates, 49, to sue Mr Caldeira for defamation. Meanwhile, a criminal investigation opened last month to establish whether the Prime Minister is guilty of using false academic titles.
The saga throws doubt on Mr Socrates' personal integrity, and consolidates the dismal reputation of politicians among ordinary Portuguese. The indifference with which the allegations were received by most opposition MPs (they say it is a personal matter) fuel suspicions that Mr Socrates is not the only one to profess academic qualifications yet to be received.

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