quinta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2009


Notícia do Telegraph:

Australia to cull 6,000 camels in Outback
Australian authorities are preparing to round up with helicopters a 6,000-strong herd of wild camels terrorising a remote Outback community and shoot them dead in the desert.
Published: 1:16PM GMT 26 Nov 2009
Protracted drought has brought what has been described as a 'biblical' camel plague into the Docker River township in search of water, leaving residents cowering in their homes as they have smashed through water mains and invaded the airstrip.
Over the next week the regional authorities will use helicopters to muster the animals and drive them nine miles out of the township, where they will be gunned down and left to decay where they fall.

Nunca imaginei que um país considerado civilizado como a Austrália considerasse uma matança de milhares de camelos a solução para qualquer coisa. Não lhes passa pela cabeça dar de beber aos desgraçados e, se por terem few natural predators their numbers have swollen and they now compete with sheep and cattle for food and spread disease (ver mais aqui), esterilizar uma parte deles?

Parafraseando o sr. Scolari, E mouros somos nós?

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